Get Involved


Do you feel passionately about the vision of a different world, and want to become part of making it happen? Please join in organizing ISF 2006!

Young people from across the world are coming to work together with those from across India, bringing our creative energies into this process. Meeting people and gaining skills along the way, we have the opportunity to be part of something great.

There is a wide variety of ways to contribute whatever time and talents you have to offer. The WSF event welcomes volunteers for tasks within each of its functional groups:

a) The programme group is responsible for scheduling the various conferences, plenaries, seminars and workshops.
b) The finance group will raise funds, administer expenses and keep accounts.
c) The culture group will plan expressions of cultural responses to the onslaught of neo-liberal globalisation and the politics of exclusion and sectarian violence.
d) The media and communications group will produce mobilisation materials and coordinate with the media to focus attention on the WSF process
e) The venue and logistics group will attend to the details at the site of event and organise transportation and accommodation.
f) The liaison group will coordinate with the police, municipality and government to obtain the necessary permissions for the event, and liaise with foreign consulates to facilitate the visits of overseas delegates.
g) The mobilisation group will work to ensure greater participation of groups from across various sectors.
h) The youth group will organise the youth forum that will run concurrently to the main event.

A modest stipend is available to full-time volunteers, and volunteers who can contribute their energies part time are also warmly welcome. You can join us for as much time as you have available, be it for a few weeks or for the duration from now until November.
The success of the WSF hinges on the efforts of volunteers who offer their time, energy, and skills to making another world possible.