Cultural Highlights @ ISF, 2006

The cultural events add a special dimension to the ISF, 2006 where artistes from diverse background would get a focal meeting place to express and endorse the WSF concerns through rich assortment of traditional and contemporary performing arts besides lively entertainment.
Opening Ceremony
The opening ceremony on 9th November will set out with the Raghu Dixit’s musical performance, a seamless amalgamation of Indian ethnic music and sounds from around the world, befittingly labeled as Indo World Folk Rock. Along with him we will have C. J. Kuttapan to offer a lively folk song performance.
About the closing...
It has been conceived as an event highlighting the ASIA- AFRICA solidarity and in keeping with that the following artistes will be performing.
  1. Rewben Mashangva, from Imphal Manipur, a very innovative and immensely popular artiste, a pioneer of the "Naga folk Blues", Rewben performs with a version of a tribal violin.
  2. Maya Rani, a baul singer from Bangladesh. The very vibrant Baul performances are world famous but it is rare to find women performing in this style.
  3. Nepathya, a very popular band from Nepal, Nepathya performs in the name of peace with its music that combines traditional Nepalese folk music with rock. The group that still in the 90's played romantic love songs has become a civic activist giving a face and a voice to the innocent victims of violence.
  4. A team from Africa.
On the other days too there are some excellent artistes performing... here is a list (not exhaustive)
Sufiana Qalam
  1. Swarn Noora, who along with her team sings the Sufiana Qalam and poetry of great poets like Bulle Shah and has a unique voice that reaches out directly to the heart.
  2. Vidya Shah, a well known singer who apart from the Classical repertoire sings the Sufiana Qalam and Nirgun poetry.
Contemporary Repertoire
  1. Meeta Pandit, a name known the world over, Meeta Pandit not only sings classical but has a repertoire of democratic songs that she will be performing at ISF.
  2. Sunanda Sharma, another well known name, Sunanda Sharma will perform a Sufiana and Dogri & Punjabi folk repertoire.
  3. Moushami Bhowmik, from calcutta, an internationally recognized singer-songwriter of Bengali music who has even got awards for music composed for films.
  1. ThemClones, a very popular and high energy band and most of the music they do is in consonance with the ISF themes.
  2. Susmit Bose, an urban folk singer who has made several issues his own and fights against injustice in his own unparalleled manner.
  3. Jigri, a band that uses folk music to give voice to several campaigns, including the Narmada Bachao Andolan and the Bhopal Campaign
People's Music
  1. Shyam Lal Begana, with his team sings in the Awadhi Bhojpuri dialect and uses popular folk tunes to make sharp satirical comments. Has and electric stage presence.
  2. Harpal Singh Pala, sings in Punjabi along with his team and has audiences mesmerized with the sheer power of his rendition.
  3. Roshan Singh, and the team performs beautiful & highly melodious songs from the Chamba area of Himachal Pradesh
  4. Ganesh Jogi & Teju Behan, from Gujarat sing varied folk songs from Gujarat & Rajasthan. Teju Behan sang in the famous & powerful film Mirch Masala.
  5. Balla Ram Singh, sings in the Braji dialect, the war ballad of Aalha - Udal.
  6. Dances from many different parts of the country including Thudi, Dhemsa, Oraon, Mundali & others.
  7. Kraha Enda, a war dance from Orissa, an effort to break the traditions of gender values.
The spirit of ISF cultural performance is to learn, to enjoy and to be uplifted. It is part of the experience of both learning and participating in the traditions of WSF.