The Organisers

India General Council (IGC)

The India General Council is the decision making body of the WSF India process. The membership to the IGC is open to all social movements and organizations that are committed to the WSF Charter of principles. At the moment there are 135 members in the IGC.
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India Working Committee (IWC)
The India Working Committee is responsible for formulating policy guidelines that form the basis for the functioning of the WSF India process. The IWC currently consists of 67 organizations nominated from the IGC and is indicative of the diverse social, political and economic gamut. The IWC comprises of 14 national trade unions and workers' organisations, 8 national women's organisations, 6 national farmers' networks, and 4 national platforms each of dalits, adivasis, 4 student and youth bodies, as well as 27 social movements, other organisations and NGOs.
See List of IWC Members | Roles and Responsibilities
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