Minutes of the Mobilisation Core Group Meetign: July 25, 2006, Delhi

Dear All,


Core group members of Mobilisation committee met on
25 July at Gandhi Peace Foundation and discussed the mobilisational
issues. Mr. Ashok Bhart, Mr. Soni Thengamom, Mr. Ashok Choudhary were
present in the meeting. As Mr. Vijay Pratap was not in Delhi, he could
not participate in the meeting.Mr. Babu Lal Sharma send his apology.


The Core group was briefed up about the discussions taken in the Saturday
meeting about the mobilisation.
As per the discussions of mobilisation committee meeting during IWC meeting
held Delhi, following meetings were fixed:

  1. Mobilisation meeting for northern region covering the states of Himachal
    Pradesh, Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Rajasthan and UT of Chandigarh,
    which was proposed to be held on 26 August was agreed. In IWC meeting,
    responsibility was taken by M/s Prithpal, Harbhajan Lal and Rakesh.
    A request letter be sent to all those who would be willing to work towards
    the success of this meeting.

  2. As discussed in IWC, Western Region Meeting in Pune was agreed and
    Ashok Bharti, facilitator of Mobilisation group informed about the mail
    be sent to all in response to Amitabh Behars' mail and requesting Mumbai
    based WSF group to make this meeting successful. The date of this meeting
    would be finalised after discussions with Amitabh and others.

  3. It was reported by Mr. Ashok Bharti that Mr.Prabeer Purkayasth had
    volunteerd to contact All India People Science Network to organise central
    region meeting in Bhopal. It was decided that Mr. Bharti would coordinate
    with Prabeer in this regard and finalised a suitable date as per the
    convenience of the most of the WSF facilitation groups.

  4. In IWC Meeting, Mr. Ashok Chodhary and Mr. Ashok Bharti had taken
    the responsibility of organsing North-Central India Meeting in Lucknow.
    It was agreed that this meeting would be organised on 20th August in
    Lucknow. Mobilisation group wuld focus on inviting organisations and
    individuals from Uttar Pradesh, Uttaraanchal (Uttarakhand) and a UP
    bordering parts of MP.

  5. In IWC, Mr. Bhoga had taken responsibility to organise South Region
    Meeting in consultation with Karnataka WSF in Bangalore. It was agreed
    that Mr. Ashok Bharti on behalf of all would request Mr. Bhoga to organise
    Southern Region Meeting on days between 29th - 31 August.

  6. The Mobilisation group agreed to complete all regioonal consultations
    by the end of August and work towards sectoral meeting in September.

  7. Regarding Jharkahnd Social Forum in Ranchi on 7th August, it was agreed
    that Mr. Ashok Chodhary would participate on behalf of Mobilisation
    group in Ranchi. It was also agreed that Mr. Soni Tehgamom will visit
    to patna in the last week of July to explore the possibilities of wider
    participation of the organisations, groups and people in Patna on 8th
    August. Mr. Ashok Bharti name was agreed for Patna Meeting from Mobilisation
    Group. For Chandigarh Meeting have volunteered to participate. It was
    also agreed that a request of participation be sent to all wsf active

  8. It was agreed that as per the IWC meeting' discussion, Mr. Ashok Chodhary
    would take initiative to organise Forest and Agriculture Sector meeting
    in Nagpur, ensuring inclusivity.

  9. It was decided that in order to make the mobolization activity broadened
    and inclusive, collective effort will be strengthened. A temporary office
    will be set up at G.P.F to strengthen the co-ordination activity. Ashok
    Bharti will discuss with Babu Lal Sharmaji regarding this.

Ashok Bharti/Soni Thengamom/Ashok Choudhury
on behalf of Mobilisation Group.