Youth & Students Concept notes for ISF-2006

As you might be aware, India Social Forum (ISF) has been proposed in Delhi between 9-13 November 2006, to further advance the movement against neo-liberal globalization, sectarian politics, casteism, patriarchy and militarisation. India Social forum 2006 strives for 'BUILDING ANOTHER WORLD: VISIONS FOR THE FUTURE'. An estimated 60,000 people are expected to participate, representing diverse movements and organizations from India, Asia and Africa. The proposed ISF will be the third event to be organized by World Social Forum (WSF)-India after the Asian Social Forum in Hyderabad, January 2003 and World Social Forum in Mumbai, January 2004. The World Social Forum process in India has, in the last four years, been successful in bringing together different political and social streams on a common platform to envisage another world. The Forum is conceived as an open meeting space for deepening reflection, democratic discussion of ideas, formulation of proposals, free exchange of experiences and articulation of civil society organizations and organizations that are opposed to neo-liberal globalization and the domination of the world by capitalism and or facing any other form of subjugation. This open space is constituted as 'plural and diversified, non-confessional, non-governmental and non-partisan'. Youth Forum (YF) in consonance with the WSF India objectives opposes imperialist globalization, religious sectarianism and fundamentalism, casteism, racism, patriarchy and militarism. Unemployment, labour exploitation, and destruction of public education, racism, gender oppression and all forms of discrimination particularly affect youth all over the world. In the face of these problems, the youth are resisting side by side with the oppressed workers all over the world and not keeping silent. The youth are denouncing the capitalist system, accusing it of being responsible for the misery of mankind. They are fighting for the right to work/livelihood, for the access to free public education, for peace and democracy (as recently witnessed in the case of Iraq), for the right to sexual preferences, and the right to holistic health for the youth. They are fighting against hegemonic global capital against xenophobia and racism. They support self-determination of the people and denounce genocide. Youth do not believe that superficial measures could solve the suffering of mankind. It is not possible to guarantee economic and social equality within capitalism. Hence it is necessary to reaffirm a collective alternative to the mercantile production system. This alternative can be achieved by building another world, a world where there is no exploitation of one by the other, where the production and distribution of wealth is not the monopoly of private proprietors, a world where that is no longer marked by the relations of oppression and exploitation with respect to mankind and nature. This process of building another world involves youth irrespective of their colour, race, gender, ethnicity, religion, creed, caste, and sexual preferences. THE YOUTH FORUM, 2006 Youth Forum (YF) will be organized as a part of the ISF-2006 process. The YF India is a space for all sections of youths to come together and articulate their struggles and visions, individually and collectively, against the threat of neo-liberal, capitalist globalization on one hand and uphold the secular, plural and gender sensitive framework of the other. All those who take part in the YF shall be in broad agreement with the charter of principles of WSF. The YF –2006, India process aims to be widespread and inclusive space for youth as workers, peasants, indigenous peoples, dalits, women, all minorities, immigrants, students, academicians, artisans, artists and other professionals. Prepared by the Youth Group For India Social Forum